We built one of the first user-friendly, general purpose, Web platforms for the Internet of Things.

Developing and dismissing it we learned a lot about what to do, how to do it and about what to don't do.

We are a little team of professionals with 16+ years of experience in IT, here to help you to quickly bootstrap your next idea in the Web of Everything.

Experience matters.

What we do

Design of modern API-based Architectures


Software Development




New Products Bootstrap


What we've done


Today, web-based software applications require a set of mandatory features:
a scalable architecture, a set of well-designed and documented APIs, microservices, event-driven paradigms,
Websockets, responsiveness and so on...

We are ready to design the software architecture that fits your needs and that scales.

Whether you need to develop a new application or small pieces of software,
but you don't have enough time or you're missing the right team...
We've valuable experience in full-stack JavaScript development, Node.js, Python, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, HTML5, and many other modern technologies.

We should talk.

Your business idea usually requires to build a prototype, quickly.
In order to validate it, to pitch and attract an investor, a VC or a customer.
We design and build prototypes.

We can help you to start from a prototype to develop a Minimum Viable Product.
Choosing the appropriate design, the right and more effective technologies and helping you to choose the right developers for your team.